1971 - The foundation

Founded in 1971 by Sergio Raffaghello as individual company, it was then transformed into the current Company, Areco Italia S.p.A.. The company quickly established itself on the domestic market in the field of production of in spray paint. Since the constitution, the founder wanted your company to offer to all customers the "total quality", thought as better quality and service at the best price.

1980 - Widening of the range

Over time the product range has expanded, introducing high rotation technical spray and extending the range of color ranges.

2001 - A new generation

The passage of the helm from the founder to the sons has happened maintaining this approach and strengthening the research of materials and technical to stay competitive and fulfill the industry regulations.

2007 - A single owner

Paolo Raffaghello takes control of the majority of the Company.

2019 - The new production plants

Areco Italia moved to the new production site of Abbiategrasso, a plant designed specifically to integrate the different stages of production and complete the path towards maximum safety, with fire protection systems, controlled air intake and exhaust filtration.

2021 - A new milestone

The company has produced a total of 600,000,000 spray cans ... 100% private label!!


private label products, always


annual production potential of aerosols


spray cans produced per day


covered square meters on an area of 22,000 square meters


filling and packaging lines size 400 ml


moulding machines for the production of plastic components


empty litho cans production lines 400 ml



Eisenwarenmesse Exhibition in Köln - International Hardware Fair

Areco Italia will be present at the Eisenwarenmesse Exhibition in Köln - International Hardware Fair, 25-28 September 2022 - booth 11.1 A059.

2022 A new production line

In the first half of the year is expected completion and inauguration of the sixth production line.

Eco Line

An innovative line of painting products with all the characteristics of an Areco acrylic product - ease of use, high hiding power, drying speed - with an 100% bio-degradable solvent

Rust Protection lines

Two specialized lines that exploit high thickness or high coverage paints with rust inhibiting additives

High-coverage line

More pigmentation and coverage for industry and professional channel

Linea PRO

More coverage, flexibility and enhanced surface adhesion for above-average performance at sustainable costs