Details that matter

In over 50 years of activity, Areco has continued to optimize technical solutions to offer a high-performing products at the best price

Production lines

The production lines are designed, developed and assembled by Nuova Sepla, company 100% owned by Paolo Raffaghello, owner of Areco Italia. Nuova Sepla also provides service and maintenance of the systems. This guarantees short times in the construction of the new lines, very short times for the repairs and availability of internally developed material.

MicroMist actuators

Areco has developed an optimized spraying system that allows a better user experience and better results. Traditional aerosol spray dispensers provide 10% paint and 90% propellant in an initial spray phase. Only after some times becomes 50/50, and this results in dripping of the paint on the backing. The "MicroMist " actuators thanks to their special channels create a helical effect that allows the immediate mixing of the product with 50% paint and 50% propellant.


Areco Italia uses paint produced exclusively and specifically for aerosol use. The internal production allows to manage the product characteristics to offer an excellent level of quality starting from products of maximum rotation. Resins, pigments and solvents are first mixed and then ground for 9 hours.


Innovation has been added to the experience. In the paint preparation phase Areco made treasure of new tech researches, using new materials which allows you to hold in suspension the solid particles of the preparation preventing them from settling. Areco Italia has thus solved one of the major problems encountered by the end-user in spray cans. Most of competitor’s spray products on the market in fact deposit and then stratify on the bottom of the can, preventing the correct mixing.