Project "Gaia"

Gaia, the name of the Goddess Earth in Greek mythology.

The World is learning that everyone must do their part to live and prosper on this planet by seeking a proper balance between well-being and resource management. Areco decided to do its part and created the Sustainability Project "Gaia".

These are the main projects to bring the company towards the Eco-friendly:

Integrated production

Fuel savings and less release of CO2 into the atmosphere thanks to the production of semi-finished products at "KM 0"

Renewable energy

Already 1/4 of the surface of the sheds is covered by photovoltaic panels for the creation of clean electricity. Further doubling of the surface per view within the 2023.


Company car fleet progressively brought on 100% electric

Plastic recycling

Already 50% of the plastic used is recycled. Goal 2023 is to reach 70%

Outdoor planting

Outdoor planting and plant placement in offices to help increase Co2 fission.