ECO Stain cover (50.003)


CODE: 50.003

PROPERTIES AND AREA OF USE: high coverage matt white acrylic wall primer. It covers and shields the stains. Formulated with 100% biodegradable non-petroleum solvents used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Pleasant smell. The safety data sheet shows only the flame pictogram. Increased coverage compared to the solvent based ones. Avoids the resurfacing after painting with dispersions and wall paints. Reduces the number of layers of wall paint needed and painting time. Smoke stains, soot, dirt, grease, pencil or marker are easily masked and you can proceed to the painting of walls after at least half an hour. The 400 ml aerosol can covers an area of approx. 2 m² depending on the color of the surface, the thickness of each layer and number of layers applied.

USE: Use between +10' C and +25' C, max. air humidity 60%. The surface to be painted must have the same temperatures, to avoid adhesion and finishing problems. For an optimal effect spray from 20-25 cm away. During use, use appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, goggles and masks). Clean the surface from grease and dust. Mask the parts not to be treated. Shake vigorously the can for 2 minutes. Make a spray test on a separate surface. Apply in thin layers with several crossed coats, with an interval of 3-5 minutes between one and the other. Do not apply on synthetic paints. Store in a dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Use only during the dry season, in places protected from the wind, and in well-ventilated environments. Follow the warning texts on the labels.

Tinplate spraycan 15 bars
Net content 400 ml
Appearance Spray can with liquid under pressure
Color White
Odour solvent
Density at 20°C 0,75 ÷ 0,80 g/ml
Pressure at 20°C 4,0 ± 0,5 bar
Pressure at 50°C 8,0 ± 0,5 bar
Flash point < 0° C
Viscosity Ford cup 4 from 12’’
Dry residues in the can from 23.80%
Particle size by grinder from 0 to 2 Micron
Gloss Da 6 a 7 Gloss
Thickness 2 layers 17 Micron
Thickness 4 layers 35-40 Micron
Heat resistance 100-120°C
Drying time:
Dust free 10 minutes
Touch dry 20 minutes
Deep dry 24 hours
Patented safety cap "child-proof" with reference to the color in the can